Our Team

Dr Lana Loxton B.Sc (Chiro), B. Chiro
Director and Principal Chiropractor

Dr Lana discovered chiropractic when she was a professional hockey player and was sponsored by a local chiropractor. Her regular adjustments made a huge difference to her performance on the hockey field, so much so that she decided to study chiropractic for herself. Since then she hasn’t looked back!

Over the years, Lana has travelled the world to study various techniques in Chiropractic, energy medicine, autogenic training and meditation. She was the first Australian to be certified in Transcutaneous Acupuncture and is a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher.


Lana is passionate about the science, art and philosophy of life and wellbeing. To Lana, there is nothing more rewarding than assisting people to live a more congruent and connected life with ease.

Within Chiropractic, Lana utilises her knowledge of biomechanics, Bio-Geometric Integration and Network Spinal Analysis as her primary tools to access nervous system tension and release stored trauma patterns in clients bodies. 


Lana also spent 5 months in the foothills of the Himalaya's, India, to study with Vedic Masters and learn how to teach the ancient technique of Vedic Meditation.

Vedic Meditation is a 5000 year old technique which enables people to decrease the amount of stress they are holding in their bodies and connect what's deeper within themselves, their lives and our world. 


'Vedic Meditation self empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing without dependency on something external. Not only this, it also is a brilliant tool for connecting with your authentic self (you without all the stress that is defining your decisions and life) and therefore expand your consciousness.' ~ Dr Lana

Dr Louise Kingsford
Associate Chiropractor @
Louise Pic.png

Dr Louise has always wanted a career in healthcare, where she could combine her passion for natural alternatives and healthy living with service to people in her community. Louise serves her patients with an integrated approach to achieving optimum wellness.

Louise has studied multiple low-force techniques in Australia and overseas, and has undertaken post-graduate studies in clinical neuroscience and vestibular rehabilitation. Louise worked as part of a complex neuro-rehabilitation team in Melbourne for 3 years, where she also became a certified balance assessor with Vestibular Technologies.  

Louise is passionate about serving the community with her gentle, integrated style.  Her holistic approach honours the mind-body connection, understanding that our emotional health and our physical health are intertwined, and one is merely an expression of the other.  When our bodies are balanced, we can be free to pursue the things that are most important to us in life! 

Louise has a special interest in chronic stress and its many effects on our nervous system, believing when we release old tension patterns from our bodies, we have an increased ability to integrate information from our environment, cope with the challenges of life more effectively, and can have a greater depth of experience with those around us.