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What We Do

Our goal at Evolve CCC is to assist you in all aspects of your health, wellbeing and personal evolution. 

Our practitioners work with your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) to release the stored tension patterns that are not only creating pain in your body, but also feelings of stress, anxiety and lack of clarity.


How does it all work?

It is through our nervous system that we perceive, adapt, and interact with our world. Your nervous system is extremely clever at making adaptations according to your environment, therefore protecting you. 

When you perceive a threat in life, be it physical, chemical or emotional, your body reacts by physically changing your posture from ease to defence. 


Often pain and other symptoms begin when your body gets to the point where it can no longer absorb any more stress. They are messages from your body saying “Stop! Pay attention, and make a change!” 


Here at Evolve CCC we are committed to helping you find that change. Through gentle, connected techniques we support your body and brain to recognise and release tension patterns stored throughout your body, in turn creating increased flexibility in your body, mind and life. A happier, healthier you!

NSA and BGI 

Gentle chiropractic with a focus on releasing stored tension and trauma patterns from the nervous system.

This is the perfect approach who are ready to release anxiety and stress patterning in their body, connect more deeply to their sense of self and live a clearer, more connected, purposeful life.

Network Chiropractic (NSA) and BGI act as tools which can liberate people of their premature cognitive commitments (PCC's), empowering them to redefine their self limiting beliefs of who they are and what they can be. 

Vedic Meditation in Perth*

Effortless mantra meditation designed for people who live in the world. This technique empowers people to make changes to their stress levels and inner wellbeing for themselves. 

Vedic Meditation is an ancient technique as taught by Vedic Masters in Himalayas, India.


Check out the Vedic Meditation tab at the top of our website for more details.

Transcutaneous Acupuncture*

Having studied under Dr Norm Shealy in the USA, Dr Lana offers a unique experience to practice members allowing them the opportunity to link ancient acupuncture points with various signs and symptoms they may be experiencing in their body.

The Sacred Rings or 'circuits' Dr Shealy developed are enhanced by the use of essential oil blends and, once learnt, practice members are able to work with the circuits daily at home. Dr Norm Shealy has proven that these circuits have specific biochemical benefits ranging from improvement of DHEA, calcitonin and oxytocin levels and reduced free radical levels in the body. 

Knowledge of these rings can have a profound positive impact on one's health as DHEA, calcitonin and reduced free radicals are known to be the key to good health and longevity, as well as this, Oxytocin is the key hormone known to relieve anxiety and depression.

For more information, check out The Sacred Rings tab at: 

* not a Chiropractic service & therefore is not covered by Private Health cover

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