Vedic Meditation Perth

Have you ever stopped to think deeper than the surface? Do you know that there is more out there than what appears to be right in front of your eyes? Feel a calling to be part of the change but find yourself stuck in the same old job / life patterns?


At Evolve CCC we not only work with your nervous system to expand what is possible in your life, but we also teach Vedic Meditation to self empower people to do this for themselves. 

Vedic Meditation is an ancient technique taught in the foothills of the Himalayas, India. VM is unique because it not only relaxes you, but it helps to unstress your body / mind / nervous system. This form of meditation helps to relieve anxiety, panic attacks, lack of clarity, body pains, general feelings of stress, and so much more.

VM utilizes mantra meditation and is completely effortless. One of the best things about this technique is that you don't need to quieten your mind (or sit like a zen yogi), so it is the perfect practice for people who live in the western world and can't seem to quieten their mind / thoughts. Meditation is not about withdrawing from life but learning how to access that space within oneself, where we are able to enjoy the experience of life without being overwhelmed or consumed by it.

This technique is great for those who know that regular meditation is so important for their health and wellbeing, but haven't quite been able to commit to it in the past. Most commonly people feel like they aren't 'meditating right' as their minds are unable to quieten, so they give up. Your personalised mantra not only helps to take your mind into that still state, it also gives you the freedom to allow thoughts to be a part of your meditation without judgement.   

VM has been studied many times over the years and the positive results have been published in peer reviewed journals. 

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