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Vedic Meditation Perth

Vedic Meditation is simple and effortless.


Upon learning Vedic Meditation (VM), you will receive an individualised mantra. This sound, when repeated silently, allows the mind to settle down to quieter and more subtle states. This settling of the mind triggers profound levels of rest in the body allowing stress to unwind and the body to heal.

Practiced for 20mins, twice-daily, Vedic Meditation is absolutely effortless. There is no need to concentrate, to focus or to try to stop thoughts. 


Why meditate?

Meditation reduces the stored stress in our body and mind, it expands our minds capacity to not only meet the demands of life, but to thrive within those demands. 

The deep levels of rest achieved during meditation allow the body to release stored trauma and the other physical, chemical and emotional stresses that may have been present in the body for years. As we let go of stress, we start to experience a broad range of benefits.


A few of the well known benefits of Vedic Meditation:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue

  • Improved Sleep

  • Increased clarity of mind and focus

  • Enhanced ability to stay calm and perform under pressure

  • Improved problem solving and decision making

  • Enhanced immune function and overall health

  • Greater vitality

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Enhanced happiness

Expand your mind:

Meditation has long been used as a tool for expanding the mind. Your nervous system is how you experience the world and therefore, as we clear the nervous system of stored stress, our perception of life and reality changes. We create a new relationship to our experiences, liberating us from interacting from a state of stress. As this increased perceptual ability expands with continued practice, our full mental potential becomes liberated and our experience of life becomes more and more expansive. 


Increase your happiness:

The search for fulfilment and greater happiness is the primary motivation of most pursuits in life. As a society we are taught to live on the hamster wheel, living the endless search for fulfilment through achievements and external gains. 

We look for things outside of ourselves to bring fulfilment and happiness. This is a frivolous undertaking, as neither experience can be found in something outside of us, it can only be found within. 

When we meditate, the mind settles down to an experience of supreme inner contentedness and fulfilment. As we repeatedly experience this inner state of contentedness, our outer life begins to be coloured by it. We begin to experience a sense of fulfilment and happiness in our daily life. Instead of doing/buying/experiencing things in an effort to get happy, meditators find themselves bringing happiness naturally to everything they do.


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